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Science News for Kids

From robot wars to space exploration, exploding volcanoes to dinosaur fossil discoveries, Kids Dailies publishes the most exciting science news for kids! No matter what branch of science your young Einstein or Curie is interested in, Kids Dailies keeps youngsters up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world of science. In fact, they’ll probably be teaching Mum and Dad a thing or two before long…

 Here are just a few examples of the topics we have cover in our science news for kids:

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The Human Body

How does the human body work? Kids have so many questions about how their body works, so Kids Dailies makes sure we are on hand with articles, infographics and other resources to help kids learn what makes them tick from head to toe. This informative infographic on why we need sleep and the different sleep patterns that humans have, takes it’s cue from a fun Daily10 news story on how napping improves brain power! Our editors make sure that your kids regularly read news stories in Daily7 and Daily10 on the human body, how it works, and how to keep fit and healthy!


The current generation of Daily7 and Daily10 readers were born in the digital age and are more tech-savvy than ever before! Kids today want to read exciting news articles about robots , driverless cars, vloggers and, of course, Minecraft! This detailed infographic on Drones is taken from a Daily10 news story on how we can use these devices to observe animals that are undisturbed by human interaction (and whether the drone is more off-putting than the human!) We make sure our science news for kids keeps our young readers up to date with the latest trends and technological inventions. We also share regular age-appropriate app reviews for our readers as well as providing information and advice to tweens on the verge of switching on to social media. And what better was to learn about technology than using our interactive online platforms?

The Environment

We have yet to meet a child that isn’t fascinating by the explosive drama of active volcanoes, which is why we reported on NASA’s new volcano-exploring robots in Daily10! From the sand dunes of the desert to the extreme weather effects of the El Niño phenomenon this year, Kids Dailies has your child’s environmental questions covered. Furthermore, since our switch to paperless digital news platforms for Daily7 and Daily10, we are even more committed to informing our young readers about climate change, global warming, recycling, green power and how to be environmentally friendly.


Similarly, what child doesn’t stare up at the night sky and wish they were an astronaut, spacewalking among the stars? With exciting space stories surfacing this year, such as the discovery of water on Mars, the publication of the first coloured pictures of Pluto, and the first ever music album recorded in space (Ground control to Major Tom…), this means we are reporting even more on intergalactic and astronomical happenings than ever before! This infographic on astronaut and legend Neil Armstrong was taken from Daily7, where we reported on the story of Armstrong’s ageing spacesuit. We report on space as a cover story or newsbite at least once a week in our Daily7 and Daily10, bringing our starry-eyed readers all the science news for kids centred around this endless and fascinating topic.


Kids love our animal stories, and we’re sure to share articles on the cutest, scariest, most endangered and most interesting  animals that hit headlines around the world today. Take this Daily10 story on albino animals for example, a rare anomaly in the natural world that makes it difficult for the animals that have the condition. Our readers learn all about the natural world around them in their dailies, complementing other science topics such as technology, the human body, and the environment.


Where would we be without electricity, without antibiotics, or even our without our smartphones? Our science news for kids stories  not only cover what these inventions mean to us today, but also who the people behind them are with the crazy ideas! Our aim at Kids Dailies is to inspire the next generation of inventors, by reporting on science news stories such as this recent Daily10 edition on a 12-year-old boy winning the Appsolute Genius app contest, held by technology giants, Apple. Could your little one be the next Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, or even Steve Jobs?


Kids hate dinosaurs. They think they’re utterly boring. Luckily, at Kids Dailies, we only report on dinosaurs every time they crop up in the news! These ancient reptilian creatures have ignited the imaginations of generations of children, and are still beloved all over the world today. Though more and more is discovered each day, the human race is still learning about the age of the dinosaurs – what they look liked, how they behaved, and what caused their downfall. This graphic is taken from our story on ‘Lightning Claw’, a six-metre-long fossil of a dinosaur with hooked claws! If you have a young wannabe palaeontologist in your house, they won’t be left disappointed by our lack of dinosaur articles in Daily7 and Daily10!

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