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Parents Blog | Talking to your children about their bodies

This week, our regular Kids Dailies blogger Laura discusses talking to your children about their bodies. Teaching your children about their bodies is very important, especially when they are still young and open to influence. Your children having a healthy outlook on their image is essential in their growth, as it will definitely be an aspect…
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Funny Friday | Donkey Giggles

Laughing with your friends, chuckling at your favourite TV show, sniggering over a funny book, snorting over a memory you had almost forgotten…but have you ever gotten a slight case of the donkey giggles?! This gorgeous youngster in this video got a severe case of the giggles over his new favourite farmyard animal. We didn’t…
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Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival 2016

We all know reading is good for adults and children alike and what better way to celebrate a love of reading than having a festival dedicated to books? Read on as we tell you more about the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival. The Hong Kong International Literary Festival was founded in 2001 and takes…
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Recap the week | 14th Feburary – 20th Feburary

What have your kids been reading in this week’s dailies? It’s that time again – let’s recap the week! Daily5 It’s been a super yummy week for your youngsters in Daily 5! We’ve been focusing on chocolate, the ultimate delicious treat! We hope you made space in your bellies for a big mouthful of our…
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Funny Friday | Magic Trick

Do your kids believe in magic? Do they love magic tricks? Do they believe in all things out of this world? Do they get excited about the totally unexpected? Well, this little cutie has definitely just discovered the power of wizardry! And it isn’t from Harry Potter! Instead, it’s the youngster’s brother who performs an…
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