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By subscribing to our dailies, young readers can look forward to at least 15 minutes of topical news reading, every day. We scan the globe for the best news for kids: each edition is written with a specific age and reading level in mind. The interactive online platform makes reading and learning fun.

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Confident readers (9-12 yo)
News articles for kids who read independently, preparing children for secondary school.

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Beginner readers (6-9 yo)
News for kids to practise reading every day, tailored to their interest, and with text-to-speech supporting vocabulary acquisition.

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Kindergarten kids (3-5 yo)
Bite-size content updated every day, with interactive features to strengthen early learning reading skills.

Some children have difficulty learning to read, despite their intelligence level. Learn about dyslexia

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Each edition of Kids Dailies is packed with age-appropriate news stories, infographics, games, quizzes and more, providing content that helps your kids to learn while having fun. Why not see more for yourself?

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Parents choose us

  1. Kids Dailies are trustworthy sources of news for kids.
  2. Kids Dailies offer news content for three reading abilities, in English and Chinese.
  3. Kids Dailies feed kids curiosity and encourage critical thinking.
  4. Kids Dailies are affordable, mobile and environment friendly.
  5. Kids Dailies can be personalised to each child’s ability and interests.

Material for educators

Supplementary Books

Can’t get enough of Kids Dailies? We have illustrated books, comics and puzzle books too!


Material for Educators

Kids Dailies is useful in the classroom, too. We offer lesson plans and bulk licenses for teachers.

About Dyslexia

About Dyslexia

We have advice about dyslexia, how to recognise it and what to do next.

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